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Serving Western Canadian Farmers since 1977


We are your one stop shop specializing in milking equipment, cow comfort products and manure management. We have been serving Western Canadian Farmers since 1977.

We supply brands such as GEA, Houle,

Paul Mueller, Sun North, Rubber Legend,

DCC Waterbeds and much more!



LDM offers wide range of Dairy Barn Equipment. Some of the best selling

products are mentioned here.

GEA Robotic Rotary Dairy ProQ

In the GEA DairyProQ rotary milking robot’s 28 - 80 milking stalls you can milk herds from 600 cows upwards completely automatically.

GEA ProQ Robot Rotary

GEA R9500 Milking Robot

The DairyRobot R9500 is engineered to enhance the milking process for the cow and help you focus on making the most of your time.

GEA R9500 Dairy Robot

Calf-Tel Outdoor Hutches

Well-ventilated calf housing is critical to the well-being of your herd. Without proper airflow, your calves would be at the mercy of major respiratory issues, heat stroke and long-term health problems. How do we know this? We’ve seen it. 

Calf Tel Outdoor Hutch_edited.jpg

Legend Grooved Belt

Extreme durability for high traffic applications with 5mm stainless steel cable inlay. Can be used with automatic scrapers and skid-steer scrapers

Legend Grooved Belt.jpg

Siloking Feed Mixer

All of SILOKING’s considerations refer to “simply | intelligent | feeding“ – focusing on the requirements of the cow and the farmer, finding solutions and implementing them.


Mueller Bulk Tanks

Mueller milk coolers are available in 15 models and 13 sizes from 500 to 8,000 gallons to suit the needs of small and large operations. 

Lethbridge Dairy Mart


Now with two locations to serve you better, Lethbridge and Red Deer! Providing the best service to the dairy industry.

Lethbridge: (888) 329-6202

Red Deer: (403) 406-7344


We carry both new and old equipment in inventory. Some of these equipment are below. Check our Equipmen tab for more options or contact Lethbridge Dairy Mart.

Legend Agri Mat

  • Studded base for softness creating a more natural feel

  • Universal interlock to create seamless finish

  • Offers excellent traction

  • Helps prevent lameness and injury

  • Custom cut to your needs


GEA Cow Scout Tags

Reduce reproduction costs and optimize your cow management while simultaneously increasing the economic success of your milk production.

Mueller D-Free Heater

Paul Mueller Company Model D Fre-Heaters® recover up to 60 percent of wasted energy normally discarded from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Channel recovered energy into single or multiple Fre-Heater units to produce more than enough hot water to satisfy your needs.

Mueller Model D-Free Heater.jpg


Find us at Lethbridge Dairy Mart on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us to discover new products, special offers, events, and more!

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