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TMR Feed Mixer

All of SILOKING’s considerations refer to “simply | intelligent | feeding“ – focusing on the requirements of the cow and the farmer, finding solutions and implementing them. Thanks to our innovative products and intelligent solutions for modern feeding technology, we support future-oriented farms that think progressively and want to successfully develop sustainable management of their dairy farms.




Self-Propelled Vertical TMR Feed Mixer

The optimal self-propelled TMR mixer both for conventional family farms and for large farms with various performance groups, or with narrow and low-height barn entrances. The compact design with the 3-point chassis allows for two-sided discharge without rolling over the feed. For more information contact Lethbridge Dairy Mart or click here.


Electric Self-Propelled TMR Feed Mixer

The self-propelled eTruck TMR mixer offers the solution for farms with an existing loading technology. The drive of the traction and mixing units is 100 % electric, which offers clean, emission-free and noise-reduced feeding.

For loading the battery, the farmer can use his own low-cost electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

A strong 15-kW mixing drive guarantees breaking up of round bales, homogeneous mixing as well as quick emptying.

The traction drive is integrated into the front axle and equipped with a powerful 18-kW motor so that slopes can be mastered without any problems. The electric drive allows for infinitely variable control of driving speeds up to 20 km/h (2 speed ranges).

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