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We are dedicated to providing innovative technologies, systems, products, and services to our agricultural customers with the highest level of integrity, thereby giving exceptional values.

GEA teat dip bisept.jpg


GEA teat dip bisept.jpg

GEA Teat Dips:

LDM offers different Teat Dip options as per our customers need. Some of these options are following:

  • Theratec: Pre and Post Teat Dip, Theratec is a ready-to-use 0.5% (5000 ppm) iodine teat dip, formulated to be safe and effective for use in pre- and post-dipping applications.

  • Theratec Plus: Pre and Post Teat Dip, Theratec Plus is an emollient enhanced version of the number one GEA Farm Technologies teat dip, Theratec®. Theratec Plus is a ready-to-use
    0.5% (5,000 ppm) iodine teat dip, formulated to be safe and effective for use in pre- and post-dipping applications.

  • Teat Kote: Post Teat Dip, Teat-Kote is a 1% (10,000 ppm) iodine teat dip, formulated to be
    effective for use in post-dipping applications.

  • Teat Kote 10/III: Post Teat Dip, Teat-Kote 10/III is a 1% (10,000 ppm) iodine post-milking teat dip,
    formulated with 9.3% glycerin for superior skin conditioning.

  • Armor: Iodine Barrier Teat Dip, Armor acts as a lethal shield of protection against mastitis-causing organisms. A total protection system, Armor kills bacteria on contact,
    contains excellent skin-conditioning qualities and forms a long-lasting
    protective shield around the teat.

Please contact LDM for more teat dip options and information.




PediCuRx TriFusion is a footbath additive, designed and proven to enhance
the existing footbath treatment solution while reducing use of heavy metals
in the footbath.

  • Programmable dispensing footbath.

  • Improves foot care.

  • Reduces footbath product usage.

  • Full line of foot care products.

  • Customized program that fits a wide range of dairies.

Unique Design Advantages

  • Minimal water use - while stall providing effective flushing and cleaning of the bath.

  • Indestructible material - rugged cross-linked polyethylene footbath is virtually indestructible.

  • Air-operated bladder gate - is simple, rugged and performs will in challenging environments.

  • Pre-cleaning pre-bath - cleans feet before cows enter the treatment bath.

  • Longer length - 10-foot long footbath allows for frequent "double dipping" of each foot for greater effectiveness.

  • Angled front entry edge - makes it easier for the cow to step in the bath and diverts water away from the bath.

  • Programmable dispensing system for powder of liquid hygiene products - provides the right amount of product every time, saving time and labor.



12% Chlorine.jpg

Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide

Chorine - Sodium Hypochlorite 12%

Available sizes: 20L, 55L, 205L

Hydrogen Peroxide 35%

Available sizes: 20L, 55L, 205L



CIP Pipeline Acid and Detergents.jpg

GEA Acid and Detergents

LDM offers multiple Acid and Detergent options as per our customers need. Some of these options are following:

  • ACIDS:

    • Dairy Star ES CIP: ES C.I.P. Acid Cleaner is a low-foaming C.I.P. acid rinse that works in a variety of systems.

    • CircoPower RSF: CircoPower RSF is a concentrated, C.I.P. acid for milking and milk cooling
      installations which is particularly effective in the removal of milk stone and mineral deposits.

    • Obsolve: Obsolve is a specialty C.I.P. acid degreaser uniquely formulated to remove internal teat sealant residues and buid-up from milking equipment. 

    • Synthesis: Synthesis combines the detergent and acid cycle into one step to save time
      and money in the C.I.P. washing process. Synthesis improves efficiency and
      increases cow throughput by reducing downtime in the busy milking parlor.
      The unique chemistry of Synthesis is effective in cleaning the milking system
      while also preventing internal teat sealant residue build-up.

    • LAC: LAC is a premium, heavy duty, low foaming C.I.P acid cleaner or rinse. 



    • Dairy Star HD CIP: Heavy Duty C.I.P. Detergent is a highly concentrated, phosphate-free, liquid chlorinated alkaline pipeline and bulk tank cleaner designed to work in large systems and a wide range of water types.​

    • CircoCold: CircoCold is a concentrated, phosphate-free liquid C.I.P. alkaline cleaning agent that can be used in low-temperature water (10 °C/50 °F) for milking installations.

    • Pfite: Pfite is a premium, heavy-duty, chlorinated, caustic powder formulated with low-foaming surfactants for use in C.I.P. and spray cleaning, using soft to hard water.

    • Kontrol: Kontrol is concentrated, durable liquid alkaline detergent, formulated exclusively to handle complex cleaning applications with specific water problems.

    • Tri-Pfan: Tri-Pfan is a concentrated, chlorinated cleaner designed for superior performance at low dilution rates and in the toughest water conditions.

Please contact LDM for more options and information.

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