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We are dedicated to providing innovative technologies, systems, products, and services to our agricultural customers with the highest level of integrity, thereby giving exceptional values.



Many equipment configurations offered in order to put in place the right separation system that will make your manure management beneficial.

DairyFarming_XPress 2  _tcm11-21486.jpg


This cascading roller press system compresses the fibre found in manure to extract the liquid and obtain dry matter. Choose among multiple equipment configurations to get the proper solid output for composting or to produce green bedding. Platform and stand sold separately. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Stage Separator 1_tcm11-14660.jpg

2-Stage Separator

The 2-Stage Separator is normally installed on a platform raised above a concrete dry pad. The wet fiber sliding off from the Screen is compressed between a 8 feet wide rubber roller and a stainless steel screen roller that allows remaining liquid to drain out. This process brings the solid output level to approximately 18% dry matter.

The separated liquid is rejected through an 8" (203 mm) gravity discharge while fiber is stacked on the concrete pad underneath. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Slope Screen 4x4 1_tcm11-14658.jpg

Sloped Screen Separator

The Slopes Screen Separator is normally installed on a platform raised above a concrete dry pad. The flush liquid enters through a center mid-level intake that breaks the liquid velocity into an even smooth flow across the top screen panel.

The liquid then gravity flows over hundreds of horizontal openings which progressively enlarged from top to bottom in order to retain as much as possible fiber on the screen. 

The screened liquid is rejected through a 6" (152 mm) gravity discharge while fiber slides off to be stacked on the concrete pad underneath. Click here for more information.



Power take-off pumps and agitators designed specifically to agitate and transfer your stored manure to our liquid manure spreaders.

DairyFarming_Vertical Agi-Pompe 2_tcm11-14462.jpg

Vertical Pumps

Agi-Pompe and Super Pump available in 6 configurations: Stationary, Tilting 3-Point Hitch, Sliding 3-Point Hitch, Trailer, 3-Point Hitch for Aboveground Tank, or Trailer for Aboveground Tank. Click here for more details.

DairyFarming_Lagoon AP 1_tcm11-21305.jpg

Lagoon Pumps

Several models of Agi-Pompe and Super Pump available including 5 undercarriage models. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Irrigation Pump 1_tcm11-21244_w710.jpg

Irrigation Pumps

Transfer liquid manure of a maximum consistency of ¼" (6 mm) at very high pressure. Click herer for more information.

DairyFarming_Articulated Super Pump 1_tcm11-21151.jpg

Articulated Pumps

The Articulated Super Pump homogenizes and transfers liquid dairy manure, containing limited amount of bedding or hog slurry using a tractor with a minimum of 80 HP – 540 RPM only. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Articulated Agitator 1_tcm11-17758_w710.jpg

PTO Agitator

The far-reaching articulated agitator with its strong 3-point hitch agitates the content of a concrete pit safely and efficiently. Click here for more details.

For more information about PTO Pumps, contact Lethbridge Dairy Mart or click here.



High performance pumps to transfer dairy and hog manure, dairy waste water or to feed a flush system.

DairyFarming_8 in Flush Pump 2_tcm11-19927.jpg

Customized Electric Pumps

Several models of pumps are each specifically designed to offer maximum performance Whether for developing a high pumping head (4" High Pressure Pump) or providing a high flow rate, there is a pump to suit your needs. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_4 in Dairy Pump 3_tcm11-19922.jpg

Electric Pumps for Dairy Manure

Provide high performance pumping and efficient agitation. Transfer dairy manure from the reception pit to the main storage. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_4 in Hog Pump 3_tcm11-19926.jpg

Electric Pumps for Hog Manure and Dairy Waste Water

Effective pumps that agitate and transfer hog manure or dairy waste water from the reception pit to the main storage. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Electric Agitator Pontoon 1_tcm11-17765.jpg

Electric Pumps on Pontoon

Pumps available: 8" Flush Pump, 4" Horizontal, Agi-Pompe, 4" High Pressure, and 3" High Pressure. Click here for more information.


Hydraulic piston pumps with underground transfer line designed to evacuate manure at different consistencies.

DairyFarming_Electromix 1_tcm11-17557.jpg

Electromix System

The Electromix pump combined with the electric agitator homogenizes solid manure and liquid into slurry. For evacuation on great distances. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Futuro 1_tcm11-17560.jpg


Pump with large flapper valves actuated by manure pressure to evacuate free stall slurry containing sand or limited bedding. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Magnum 1_032015_tcm11-17566.jpg


Well known for over 35 years, the Magnum is still the pump you can rely on to transfer dairy manure with or without bedding. Several configurations available to suit tie stall as well as free stall barns. Click here for more information.



Wide range of cable, chain or hydraulic alley and cross gutter cleaners to perfectly suit your needs.



Wide line of scrapers available to clean concrete and rubber alleys as well as slatted floors. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Cross Gutter Cable 3_tcm11-14276.jpg

Cross Gutter Cleaner with Cable

Designed to clean a single cross gutter in a free stall barn with sand or limited bedding. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Cross Gutter Hydro 2_tcm11-14289.jpg

Hydraulic Gutter Cleaner

To clean a single or multiple gutters of different lengths with only 1 power unit. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Chain Drive Unit_tcm11-14341.jpg

H-86 Reversible Drive Unit

7/8" (22 mm) or pintle chains can be used with H-86 Reversible Drive. GEA also offer multiple options for scrapers including Straight Scraper, V-Scraper, 16 degree scraper etc. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_SW Cable Drive_tcm11-14326.jpg

Cable Drive Units

A free stall cleaner system with cable can be used to clean two, three or four alleys. The same drive unit controls all the scrapers. While one scraper is cleaning one alley, the other is backing up. The 16°, the V-Shape and the Straight scrapers are all available with the cable system. The main advantage of a cable system is the choice of several scraper configurations that allow cleaning of very long manure alleys. Click here for more information.


The Fit R-300 was developed to provide a compact drive unit that can fit in various locations around the barn. A cost-effective, cow friendly manure management solution, it is suitable for new facilities or retrofit installations looking to upgrade to an automated free stall cleaning system. Click here for more information.

FIT R-300 Drive



Tough and durable, these elevators and barn cleaners are exactly what you need to efficiently manage the manure from tie stall barns.

download (1).jpeg

Barn Cleaner Elevator

This type of barn cleaning system is used for tie-stall dairy barns to convey manure from a gutter located behind cows. Running in a closed circuit, the paddles, driven by a chain, scrape the gutter all the way until it gets to the elevator where manure will be piled up outside the barn either on a concrete slab or in a concrete pit. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Cross Gutter Chain 2_tcm11-14284.jpg

H-86 Heavy Duty Drive Unit

The cross gutter cleaner with chain is a system running in close circuit that convey manure and bedding from a cross gutter, in a free stall barn, to a hydraulic piston pump or a reception pit. To do so, a drive unit, installed at one end on concrete between gutters, drives the chain and the paddles to collect manure in the loaded gutter until it drops in a hydraulic piston pump or reception pit. Then the paddles, which are free of manure, run back in the return gutter. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Cross Gutter Drive_tcm11-14286.jpg

H-95 Extra Heavy Duty Drive Unit

Larger diameter sprocket to reduce tension on the roller chain. 

  • The H-95 Extra HD drives up to 700' (213 m) of chain.

DairyFarming_Chains _tcm11-20862.jpg


7/8" (22 mm) chain, pintle chain and hook and eye chain.



Liquid manure spreaders designed for all types of manure, as well as tool bars for injection or top soil application.

DairyFarming_EL48 1_tcm11-22340.jpg

Steerable Spreaders

EL48 Series with 4, 6 or 8 wheels

Exclusive powersteering system and superior quality hydraulic suspension. Capacity: 3850 to 9500 US gal. (12700 to 35900 L). Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Tandem 1_tcm11-22362_w710.jpg

Tandem Spreaders

EL54, EL66 and EL84 Series.

Tandem reinforced by a full-length centre tube to better resist torsion compared to standard open tandems. Capacity: 2350 to 6000 US gal. (8780 to 22750 L). Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Truck Mount Spreader 1_tcm11-22357.jpg

Truck Mount Spreaders

Our truck mount spreader is designed to be custom-made for a wide range of vehicles. The tank is made of 1/4" (6 mm) thick steel providing durability. The low profile tanks provide maximum visibility and great stability. As all of our line of spreader tanks, the truck mount spreader offer many options to meet customer requirements. Click here for more information.


Tool Bar with 22" Concave Disc Incorporators

In a one single operation, the 22" Concave Disc Incorporator operates a soil tillage followed by a surface application of manure and mixes manure and soil into the top few inches of the surface of the soil. It is very efficient on harvested fields with a large quantity of crop residue. Click here for more information.

DairyFarming_Three Deflector 1_tcm11-21701.jpg

38' Tool Bar with Three Deflectors 

This tool bar spreads manure rapidly and efficiently in a very wide pattern. Equipped with large 6" (15 cm) and 8" (20 cm) pipes, the 38-foot Tool Bar spreads thick liquid manure at a rate up to 1 800 US gpm (1 500 gpm Imp / 6 814 lpm). Click here for more information.


Tool Bar with Flex Drop Hoses

Low spreading tool bar to apply manure by gravity directly onto the ground, reducing odor to a minimum. Evenly distributes manure under windy conditions. Click here for more information.

If you need more information about manure equipment, please contact Lethbridge Dairy Mart.

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