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We are dedicated to providing innovative technologies, systems, products, and services to our agricultural customers with the highest level of integrity, thereby giving exceptional values.

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Well-ventilated calf housing is critical to the well-being of your herd. Without proper airflow, your calves would be at the mercy of major respiratory issues, heat stroke and long-term health problems. How do we know this? We’ve seen it. 

The all-new standard-size calf hutch is the first hutch of its kind manufactured with air flow channels built right in. With new structural upgrades and fully customizable features, this calf hutch will reinvent how you manage your calf operation. Click here for more information.

Calf-Tel Outdoor Hutches

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Calf-Tel Indoor Pen

Modular, cost-effective solution for indoor calf raising. Calf-Tel introduced the first free-standing, completely modular, indoor pen system of its kind. While other systems may look similar, the Calf-Tel pen system provides calf raisers with the most versatile, highest labor savings, calf and calf manager friendly indoor pen system available. Calf-Tel Pens are backed by the longest track record of success on the market. Various sizes and options are available. Click here for more information.

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Calf-Tel Starter Pen

Easy and convenient for the producer, keeping your calves’ safe, dry and warm has never been so easy with the Single Starter System. Built with both the calf and producer in mind, the Single Starter Calf Hutch includes many built-in features and additional options.

The Single Starter Calf Hutch helps complete the full Calf-Tel Calf Program, calf housing from birth beyond weaning. Click here for more information.




Calf-Tel: Double Up Pen System

More information coming soon!!

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Indoor Group Pen

Once calves reach a certain phase they are ready to be moved into group housing. However, the transition isn’t always black and white. Recognizing this, we worked with our customers to help them phase their calves into the group with a solution that’s both innovative and easy as one, two, three!

Elite Calf Pairing Fence_edited.jpg

Elite Calf Pairing Fence

Similar to young adults, weaned calves benefit from socializing with their peers. The Elite Pairing Fence gives calves just the right environment for this important stage of development. The pairing fence is built with the Elite Pairing Gate for increased calf interaction which helps in reducing stress and other potential health problems in calves during this transitional stage.

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Calf Tel offers accessories for feeding, hutches, fencing, Pens etc.

  • Galvanized dual pail holder.

  • Pull out handles on panels.

  • Two white pails for milk, water or grain.

  • Calf Blanket

  • Feed Saver Cover

  • Hutch Side Door

  • Rear bedding Door

  • Hay feeder and so many other options.

Click here for more information.




Foerster Technik Automatic Calf Feeder

  • Healthy calves thanks to optimal nourishment

  • Your calves enjoy relaxed feeding thanks to self-determined feeding times

  • Freshly-prepared calf feed around the clock in precisely dosed quantities

  • Feed is always supplied at optimal temperature

  • Individually adjustable feeding plans

  • Feed consumption is recorded, allowing for early detection of illness

  • Fully automated cleaning

  • Time freedom thanks to the automatic feeding system

  • Internet-capable as standard – Use our free CalfApp & CalfCloud!

Click here for more information.


Foerster Technik Calf Milch Mobil

  • Save work time with rapid feed preparation

  • Gentle feed warming with the heated water bath – guaranteed not to burn on!

  • Easy on your back; forget about carrying buckets around

  • Electric drive and optimal stability while driving on any terrain

  • Convenient and precise dispensing at the push of a button

  • Always the right feed temperature

  • Perfect hygiene with minimal workload thanks to the rotating cleaning nozzle

Click here for more information.

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