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We are dedicated to providing innovative technologies, systems, products, and services to our agricultural customers with the highest level of integrity, thereby giving exceptional values.

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DairyPlan C21

Herd and parlor management system

  • Comprehensive production and health data.

  • Integrated monitoring and control of parlor systems.

  • User-friendly displays and accurate reports.


Convert your data into information you can use!

Whatever your management style, DairyPlan C21 will help you obtain the information you need in a clear and easy manner through the latest software technology.

Evaluating, Analyzing, Monitoring, Benchmarking, and Planning: DairyPlan C21 offers the right software tools for successful management of your complete herd — from calves to milking cows to dry cows.

Reproduction and Herd Health Management

  • Review and manage reproductive efficiencies.

  • Pinpoint problem cows — fertility, mastitis & other health problems.

  • Forecast milking cow numbers, dry cows and number of calvings.

  • Organize herd health checks, vaccination & synchronization programs.

  • Evaluate statistics on ailments and treatments.

  • Detect heats on milking animals and youngstock with activity monitoring.

  • Record and evaluate Body Condition Scores.

Milk Production Management

  • Monitor milk production — daily, monthly and yearly averages.

  • Prevent lactation pit falls and keep production where it should be.

  • Identify and treat exception cows immediately.

  • Integrate component test results by herd or by individual.

  • Manage and view milking routines from the computer.

  • Evaluate milk flow & production data.

  • Measure milk conductivity and better monitor mastitis.

System Management


  • Regulate and monitor connected hardware components.

  • Analyze parlor performance and work flow routines.

  • Sort animals automatically by setting criteria in software.

  • Monitor parlor washing performance.

  • Manage concentrate feeding.

  • Interface with tank controls to record milk temperatures.

  • Automatically weigh animals & record body weights on the move.

  • Monitor DairyFeed calf feeders and manage youngstock.

DPMobil II

Software for hand held (Windows® and Palm operating systems) computers allows users to view cow records and enter reproductive and health data anywhere on the farm. Data can be downloaded to the main computer.



Activity monitoring system

  • Reduce labor.

  • Increase pregnancy rates.

  • Better monitor herd health.

  • Limit need for hormones.

CowScout™ makes the principles of estrus detection easier for you.

  • CowScout analyzes and displays an animal’s activity in 2-hour periods.

  • Individual cow activity in one period is compared to the activity in the same period over the preceding days to develop a baseline.

  • An attention notification is sent if the animal’s present activity has increased sufficiently or dropped significantly over several consecutive periods.

  • CowScout sends an alert notification if there is a suspicious increase or reduction in activity, but not enough for a full attention notification.

  • All sensitivity levels can be customized by user, so your activity benchmarks fit your individual operation and your cows.

Get instant health status updates by monitoring eating time.

  • The CowScout neck tag continuously monitors for movement patterns related to forage intake and records the total time each day an individual animal takes in feed.

  • The system compares the daily total eating time with totals from the previous 10 days.

  • Significant changes in eating behavior indicate there may be a health concern with the cow, and she should be checked more closely.

  • Eating time monitoring is especially important during the period before and after calving, when cows are under significant stress and more susceptible to disease.

  • Early detection of a health problem also helps to minimize treatment costs and helps to avoid a drop in milk production.

  • Eating time data works just like heat detection activity monitoring; when cows are out of range, alerts are immediately sent to your computer or mobile device and data can always be viewed online - anytime and anywhere.



Crowd Gate.jpg

ProMotion Crowd Gate

Smooth operation moves large groups efficiently

  • Built rugged to handle large groups.

  • Air powered efficiency and safety.

  • Smooth operation.

  • Reduces labor.

Dual controls allow the person moving the cows to also operate the gate — cows adapt to the crowd gate faster with a single operator.

Optional wash pen shields — keep cows dry as they enter the parlor.

Assembly is able to span a 50 ft. width — with no flex or sag.

Large diameter gate lifting cylinders — the strongest in the industry.


Global Crowd Gate

Reduce labor as you move cows into your parlor

Durable design — entire gate is hot-dipped galvanized steel to resist corrosion.

Easy bolt-together construction — no welding necessary.

Other features that make the Global™ crowd gate such a great value:

  • Rugged construction.

  • Smooth operation.

  • Reduces labor.


GEA IQ Claw.jpg

IQ Milking Unit

As the first truly new design of the 21st century, the IQ offers all of these benefits in one milking unit:

  • Maximum milk quality — smarter vacuum control significantly reduces milk contamination. You won’t believe how clean your filters are.

  • Improved udder health — with four separate guide chambers there is no threat of teat-to-teat cross contamination.

  • Quieter operation — the automatic vacuum shifting system makes for virtually noise-free milking.

  • Easy maintenance — shells, liners and air dividers can be pre-assembled to allow liner changes in minutes instead of hours.

  • Faster milk out times — improved vacuum stability increases flow rates and the sharper angle of the milk chamber speeds flow to the milk line.

  • More reliable performance — the slim design is harder to kick-off. Greater flexibility and optimum weight mean a perfect fit for virtually any udder shape. Plus, better unit alignment means less unit slips and squawks.

Faster, gentler milking even at the highest of flow rates.

Unlike conventional milking units, the new IQ unit is subdivided into four guide chambers. Milk from each quarter is kept separate and channeled quickly into the milk outlet. This not only milks out high producing cows faster, it also prevents teat-to-teat cross contamination of mastitis-causing bacteria.

Helps make operators more efficient.

Flexible unit attachment allows operators to choose whether they want to attach all four liners at once or one at a time. There is no need to squeeze tubes to shut off vacuum, which means even inexperienced operators can be more efficient.

The patented liner design and liner attachment bracket make liner replacements easier and quicker. Shells, liners and brackets can be pre-assembled, reducing change out times to minutes instead of hours, saving precious downtime in the parlor.


Apollo MilkSystem

Automated teat dipping and backflushing milking unit.

The Apollo™MilkSystem is an innovative, automated milking unit exclusive to GEA Farm Technologies. This first-of-its-kind product incorporates patented technology to automatically apply post-dip, through the head of the liner at the end of milking, and automatically backflush after detach — facilitating a superior milk harvesting process every time the cow enters the parlor.

With the Apollo™MilkSystem:

  • Teats are consistently and optimally dipped within the milking unit prior to unit removal.

  • Milking units are backflushed with a sanitizing solution after each use.

  • Exposure to mastitis causing pathogens is reduced.

  • Cows are milked with minimal stress in fewer manual steps.

  • Fewer employees are required in the parlor.

The results provide dairy producers:

  • Better milk quality and mammary system health.

  • Reduced labor requirements.

  • Increased parlor throughput.

  • Improved overall profitability.

The Apollo™MilkSystem allows you to focus your team on other areas of the operation. With less time spent on the repetitive task of manually dipping cows, you can reassign milkers to other duties in the parlor or around the dairy, without sacrificing parlor performance. In fact, automation of the post-dip process streamlines operator procedures, which can increase parlor throughput. It also allows your operators to devote their complete attention to cow prep, which benefits udder stimulation and milk flow, and can also aid in getting more cows through the parlor.

Approved, accepted and safe. In addition to its proven safety, Apollo sets itself apart from the competition with its separation technology. With this technology, a patented milk safety valve is used to separate the teat dip or backflush sanitizer from raw milk – preventing contamination and ensuring milk safety.

The milk safety valve on the Apollo™MilkSystem is approved by the Atlantic‑Midwest Dairy Equipment Review Committee (AMDERC), and therefore accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and State Inspectors.

System benefits of the Apollo™MilkSystem include:

  • A patented and approved milk safety valve which keeps teat dip and backflush sanitizer separate from the milk supply.

  • Customizable and adjustable settings for post-dip and backflush.

  • Flexible design that fits into most current parlor set-ups.

  • Easy-to-use software to measure and monitor teat dip usage.

  • Trusted and reliable support from GEA Farm Technologies.




GEA R9500 Milking Robot

The DairyRobot R9500 is engineered to enhance the milking process for the cow and help you focus on making the most of your time.

The design flexibility of milking robot allows you to choose voluntary milking in your preferred cow traffic style, or group milking with fixed milking times and the benefits of group parlor milking. Whichever you choose, the DairyRobot R9500 welcomes cow after cow and helps you manage every step in their lactation, for a new level of intelligent automated milking on your farm.

Talk to one of Lethbridge Dairy Mart's sales representatives to give you the full details on what GEA Farm Technologies Monobox has to offer you!

GEA DairyProQ.jpg

Dairy ProQ Rotary

Your team will appreciate the highly modern and motivating work environment with a focus on animal care. While the operator monitors milking, the herd management system delivers valuable information to help keep an eye on cow health. In the meantime, you can structure operational processes transparently with fixed working hours. Plan your DairyProQ rotary milking parlor with up to 3 milking times per day and up to 600 cows per hour.



Mueller Milk Cooler

Mueller bulk milk coolers are available in 15 models and 13 sizes from 500 to 8,000 gallons to suit the needs of small and large operations. They also come standard with heavy-duty agitators and automatic washing systems and can be adapted to your operational needs using Mueller refrigeration and control systems, which provide the most suitable range of features. Click here for more information.

Mueller's Accu-Therm® plate coolers have a series of stainless steel plates compressed into a frame. The plates are separated by gaskets that form flow channels on opposite sides of each plate. Cool water flows down the channel on one side while warm milk flows up the other side. The milk's temperature drops as it transfers its heat to the cool water on the opposite side of the plate. The plate cooler's design provides extremely efficient performance for fast precooling in your dairy milk cooling system. Click here for more information.

Mueller Plate Cooler

HiPerform plus control box image USB ready-1.jpg

Paul Mueller Company’s HiPerForm® plus control is designed for use in both traditional and robotic dairy farm operations. This wash and cooling control retrofits any milk cooler with program options, and the MilkSecure™ technology built inside provides the ultimate solution for remote monitoring.

A cloud-based interface reports the status of milk cooling systems to dairy producers including milk volume, milk temperatures, equipment alerts, and more. Real-time updates through your smartphone let you keep an eye on your farm when you need to be away. Click here for more information.

Mueller Hi-Perform Plus Control


GEA Milk Tank

Koolway milk tanks are of the highest quality and are the most dependable in the milk cooling industry. When paired with Koolway scroll condensing units, Koolway milk tanks are engineered to provide a highly efficient milk cooling system. The system automatically responds to changes in milk load, working harder when needed and conserving energy during lighter loads. Click here for more information.


Tank control

  • Fully programmable — allows custom settings for optimum cooling and washing performance.

  • Controls up to four condensing units in three stages — reduces energy costs and helps prevent milk from freezing.

  • Adjustable interval agitation — can be programmed to customers’ requirements to give more consistent samples in the tank.

  • Remote display unit available — choose the complete contained unit or the remote display unit which allows the electrical components to be installed in a dry utility room.


Wash system

  • Four different wash programs available to meet the specific needs of the dairy.

  • Can utilize two-part chemicals for the wash cycle.

  • Expert can be programmed to sanitize the tank prior to first milking at a specified time.

Click here for more information.

GEA KoolWay Expert




DeMax 55 and DeMax 60

This selection of milking stall assistants will provide you with maximum milking comfort. DeMax 55 controls the automatic upgrade via StimoPuls and automatic switching off of the pulsation system. DeMax 60 also represents maximum cluster removal comfort (Back Flush, PosiCare, etc.). Click here for more information.


Dematron Milk Meter

Are you looking for an economical way of introducing milk yield monitoring and cluster removal? Then you will find out, that the DemaTron 60 and the DemaTron 70 control units are absolutely the top products with regard to their price/performance ratio. DemaTron 60 controls and monitors the milking process ranging from pulsation up to automatic cluster removal. The milk yield recorded by the special LactoFlow monitor is used as the basis for controlling an effective milk management process. DemaTron 70 will additionally provide you with precise information of the milk yield, together with the removal of the clusters. The milk flow and milk yield monitoring information – provided by Matatron MB – can be used to optimize the removal function and udder  health as well. The benefits for you are a safe monitoring of the milking process and optimum stripping. For manual animal identification in the parlor we offer DemaTron 75. Click here for more information.




GEA Side by Side Parlors

Improve throughput performance and number of cow milkings per day! With a parallel milking parlor from GEA, you can milk more cows per hour in the most efficient manner - in a space-saving footprint. Operators can quickly attach through the rear legs and indexing functions position the cow comfortably in the stall, regardless of breed or cow size. With your choice of milking clusters and control units, you can take advantage of the possibilities of modern herd management and make the milking routine convenient and efficient for you, while at the same time optimizing cow comfort for your herd. Want to speed things up? A vertical lift exit gate helps you carry out incredibly fast group changes.

Preferred worldwide for milking on mid-sized herds to the largest of commercial dairy farms: The long-lasting, low maintenance parallel milking parlors from GEA’s DairyParlor line can be extended later with extra milking stalls. Keep all your options open to grow your herd and profitably produce for many years to come. Here are some side by side options:

  • Side by Side Magnum 90i Vertical Lift Parlor. Click here

Click here for more information.


Quick group changes and precise positioning let you achieve high work efficiency with the herringbone milking parlor. GEA’s DairyParlor line features a variety of successful formulas you can benefit from. Wide alleys allow cows to enter the milking stall stress-free and stand comfortably and relaxed for better milking. The convenient milking stall dimensions enable fast attaching over short distances, offering an excellent view of the individual cow. For easy ergonomic handling and little effort, the milking clusters and control units are placed within easy reach. Sensible functions such as gate control can be integrated directly at the milking stall. In addition, depending on equipment, various components can be easily connected to your herd management’s digital network, if desired.

Are you looking for a way to further increase throughput and profitability with a herringbone configuration? Thanks to short retention times and fast group changes, the optional “Rapid Exit” helps you save significant time and the integrated indexing functions speed up and simplify attaching. Here are some Herringbone options:

  • Herringbone Euro Class 1200/1200RE Parlor. Click here

  • Herringbone Euro Class 800/850/800RE Parlor. Click here

Contact Lethbridge Dairy Mart for other parlor information including Tandem and Swing Over parlors or Click here for more information.

GEA Herringbone Parlors


With an external rotary milking parlor from GEA you benefit from continuous processes and high work efficiency. For high throughput performance, all components work together in a holistic concept. Operators maintain short working distances and a clean working environment, keeping everything on track. An open cabinet design and spacious side-by-side milking stalls allow the cows to enter the rotary milking parlor quickly. Trust the streamlined, ergonomic attachment and the gentle, hygienic milking process, as GEA’s leading dairy technology paves the way for high productivity and quality milk production.

If your goal is to milk more cows with less labor and increase performance, then an external rotary milking parlor from GEA should be your first choice. For herds upwards of 150 cows and any number of milking stalls you wish, design the rotary milking system according to your individual farm concept! Here are some external rotary options:

Contact Lethbridge Dairy Mart for more information.

GEA External Rotary Parlors


Would you like to milk more cows in less time and save labor at the same time? GEA’s internal rotary milking parlor offers short distances for attaching and dipping, so that one person can easily milk 100 cows or more per hour. The cows stand at the flat angle familiar to you from herringbone parlors. You also combine the high throughput from the rotary milking parlor with a clear view of the cow and side access to the udder. Thanks to the coordinated entry and ergonomically formed sequence gates, the cows swiftly enter the spacious milking stall in a steady, organized flow. Leave the milking process, from complete stimulation to cluster removal, to GEA’s reliable and animal-friendly milking technology components.

The internal rotary milking parlor lets you milk with absolute efficiency and is popular as a rotary milking system for medium-sized herds. With suitable crowd and selection gates, this is an intelligent concept for the production of high-quality milk with family-run labor. Here is the option for internal rotary:

Contact Lethbridge Dairy Mart for more information.

GEA Internal Rotary Parlors



GEA compass plus

Compass Plus

Wash Control Center

  • Optimizes water and chemical use.

  • Easy-to-program customized settings.

  • Optional temperature monitoring.

  • Rugged construction for longer life.


Take control of parlor sanitation

  • Four cycle wash program —

    • Pre-rinse.

    • Main wash.

    • Acid rinse.

    • Optional pre-milk sanitizing.

  • Diverter programs — three diverter outputs with four program options allow diverting separate wash cycles so you can use waste water elsewhere.

  • Custom blending — two-part wash chemicals can be custom blended to meet changing conditions and to keep separate components fresher.

  • Programmable settings — can be custom configured with over 50 programmable options to make the best use of water, chemicals and time. Sanitize start time can be automated.


FutureCow Prep System

The FutureCow™ Prep System from GEA Farm Technologies accomplishes all of the necessary pre-milking procedures in one easy step. The FutureCow Prep System features a mechanical brush unit that gently washes, disinfects, stimulates and dries, all in one visit to the cow. Cows receive superior stimulation and a consistent prep procedure, no matter who is milking. Dairy producers can potentially reduce labor costs and can certainly reduce operating costs by eliminating towels and laundry. FutureCow Prep System benefits cows, employees and the dairy’s bottom line.

Milking is made easy with the FutureCow™ Prep System

  • Streamlined and efficient cow prep — allows for a more efficient parlor and greater parlor labor productivity — even increasing the number of cows milked per hour. Consistent prep procedures optimize the milking process and oftentimes aid in increasing production.

  • Superior udder stimulation — can increase milk flow rates and decrease milking times, further improving parlor throughput.

  • Improved teat health and milk quality — the durable, yet soft, multi-layered brushes accommodate all teat lengths and ensure teat-ends are properly cleaned before the milking unit is applied.

  • Fixed cost for pre-milking prep — flat rate per cow pricing provides consistent and easily managed cost.

  • Installed and supported by GEA Farm Technologies dealers — a professional network with unsurpassed dairy equipment experience available 24/7.

Benefits for your cows

  • Improves teat-end health.

  • Results in cleaner, healthier teats; less prone to mastitis.

  • Maximizes udder stimulation; improves milk flow rates.

Benefits for employees

  • Ergonomically more pleasant than traditional udder prep methods.

  • Easier on hands and back.

  • Reduces footsteps in herringbone and parallel parlors.

  • Eases training for new milking operators and builds confidence in performance of existing employees.

  • Reduces labor needed for cow prep and simplifies pre-milking procedures into one easy step.

Benefits to the dairy’s bottom line

  • Decreases milking times; increases the number of cows milked per hour.

  • Does away with the cost of towels, towel service and laundry while also eliminating the need for maintaining laundry equipment.

  • Improves milk quality, oftentimes reducing somatic cell counts.

  • Eliminates the delivery and storage of bulky, heavy totes of chemical on the dairy by blending a ready-to-use cleansing solution from concentrated ingredients.

  • Backed by GEA Farm Technologies dealerships offering industry-leading equipment expertise and customer service to support your purchase.

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