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Delmhorst Moisture Meter: FX-2000

This cascading roller press system compresses the fibre found in manure to extract the liquid and obtain dry matter. Choose among multiple equipment configurations to get the proper solid output for composting or to produce green bedding. Platform and stand sold separately.

Delmhorst Moisture Meter: F-6/6-30

With simplified controls, the F-6/6-30 is a great entry-level meter for value-minded hay producers. It is also a favorite among those serving the export markets that require lower MC range readings.


  • 10”, 18”, 36” Probe

  • H-4 Handle

  • Carrying Cases




Koster Moisture Tester: Available with Digital or Mechanical Scale

The Koster Moisture Tester is a useful and practical piece of farm equipment. It is easy to operate and gives direct percentage readings of Dry Matter and Moisture content of dry grain, high moisture grain, hay, silage and other materials. The tester unit consists of a portable electric dryer having thermostatically controlled heat. Current requirement of 110 volt or a true 220 volt version. A screened bottom container (specimen container) in which to weigh and dry the sample. A specially constructed, accurate mechanical scale that has the dial calibrated in percentages of Dry Matter and Moisture. Digital scale version also available.